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Prevent refrigeration and air conditioning blockages.

A/C Pan & Drain

The A/C Pan and Drain is a cost effective environmentally friendly way to totally eradicate the build-up of harmful bacteria and algae associated with air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Unlike traditional chlorine and bromine based products that last only 2-3 weeks, it has a continual performance lasting up to six months. It costs from just £4.50 per unit and significantly reduces the need for high frequency  preventative maintenance, expensive call-outs and the
possibility of flooding. This is a huge cost saving for  contractors and their clients such as supermarkets, which rely heavily upon maintaining their air conditioning and refrigeration facilities in optimum functionality.

A/C Pan and Drain takes the form of a waxy gelatinous pad that is wrapped with a nylon polysleeve. It is ready to use, requiring no prepreparation and is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the range of air conditioning, refrigeration and other condensing units currently on the market.

The pad is simply placed into the path of the moisture flow, prior to entry into the drain. As the water comes into contact with the pad, it is sterilised. The sterilised water carries with it trace elements through the drain system killing off any sign of bacterial development. The pad simultaneously releases a mild surfactant to help clean away and release dying organisms.

Unlike chlorine based products that lead to the rapid corrosion of fins, fans and other metal work within the cooling system, the A/C Pan and Drain has no oxidising activity and contains rust and corrosion inhibitors.
This both extends the life and improves performance of the cooling units, significantly reducing costs and improving bottom line profitability.

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