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Fog Waste Water Solutions

Bacteria Systems

Using completely green methods, on each visit EB technicians measure, inspect and repair to maintain your entire system. However, using state of the art technology developed by us, only for our customers, we harness the power of nature with specific strains of formulated Live Vegetative Bacteria to consume all build-up of grease, fat, sugar, starch and gelatin. The bacteria selected for you, are rigorously tested. Only the strongest and most robust strains are harvested for optimum results. They are non-toxic, non-pathogenic and their bi-product is water and carbon dioxide. Unlike most other products, our unique blends are pure, and contain no chemicals, no surfactants, no emulsifiers or added enzymes, all of which are ineffective and can cause further environment problems down stream.

GES® Grease Eradication System

Breaks down FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease), prevents problems and cleans up existing situations in; drain lines, grease traps, lift stations, septic tanks, leach fields and lagoons. Balances pH removes acidity and odours.

SES® Sugar and Starch Eradication System

Breaks down sugars, syrup, chocolate, maltose and starch from flour, rice and vegetables. Lowers TSS and CBOD. Suitable for all kitchen and industrial systems and restaurant bar lines. Balances pH removes acidity and odors.

GEL-OUT® Gelatin Eradication System

Waste gelatin has a sponge-like capacity & absorbs up to ten times its own weight. GEL-OUT® is primarily for Super Markets, Industrial Food Production and Hospitals to remove blockages and odors from; x-ray, photo development, scrub room sinks, pharmaceutical production and food processing areas.
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