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The worlds best professional core sampler.


Constructed with corrosion resistant machined aluminum and impact resistant resin. This cutting edge technology and design ensures a true core sample, that is repeatable. The DipStick-Pro® features a replaceable wear tip and is available in a standard 10 foot (2 piece) length featuring
our NEW Quick Coupling System. Custom lengths are available to meet all of your measuring requirements. An impact resistant carrying case and 6 foot cleaning brush are also available.

Be able to accurately determine the amount of sludge and scum in septic tanks, digesters and sludge pits. Also great for measuring FOG in grease traps, grease interceptors and lift stations. The readings are accurate and defensible. Very minimal training is required for correct use.

How to Use:
It is a simple 4 step process:

• Insert the DipStick-Pro® into the trap

• Pull the actuator handle

• Remove the DipStick-Pro® from the trap

• Read the amount of scum, sludge and free water

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