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Reduce Plumbing blockages and odours.

Lock Down Floor Strainer

In all drainage environments, any open floor drain or vent stack presents an opportunity for foreign objects to find their way into a line and cause an expensive and unbudgeted blockage. While in many cases baskets are placed within floor drains to collect food debris or mop strings, the staff, frustratingly remove them so they don’t have to clean out the collected spoils.

50% of blockages in a commercial kitchen are caused by non food related items. By fitting a drain strainer, the majority of these problems associated with blockages can be stopped. Screwing in a permanent fixing is timely, causes damage and doesn’t allow for quick remedial access for plumbing and facility maintenance.

Protects drains from unwanted blockages caused by: silverware, broken dishes and glass, ramekins, corks, bottle caps or rags.

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