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Grease SAFE®

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GreaseSafe® – WASTE TO WATER™

When you pump out a grease trap or clean out a pumping station which is full of fat, or even clean out a sewer of FOG, where does it go?

Generally in Europe, this material is separated dried and cannot be applied to land. It may go to landfill. In the USA, grease trap waste is dried and spread on land. However this is not the case with sewage laden grease which is an issue.

Environmental Biotech has been working with FOG for sometime and designed GreaseSafe® to handle the end of life or Grave end of FOG.

We are able to take the waste FOG and process it in our bio reactor and discharge clean water to the sewer and about 5% of the total volume which would be organic waste is ideally used as fertilizer.

The GreaseSafe® is therefore ideal to handle the waste FOG in large volumes and deal with it making it a usable commodity.

The system is constantly being upgraded and we are making some new additions that we will discuss when complete.

The system is capable of handling 50,000 gallons per day per system.

The system can be installed in environmentally sensitive sites, industrial areas, in factories, brownfield sites, pre waste water sites, and requires a minimum of 1/3 of an acre.

It is very flexible and EB can design and build systems to handle the FOG issues of any business no matter the amount of FOG.

EB built its first GreaseSafe® in Florida in Manatee County in February 2010. The system has been operating efficiently and in compliance with effluent discharge limits set by the county. In fact, the effluent limits have been lower than allowance by more than 95% constantly since implementation!

The system is designed to work with local government, waste water departments, Cities, or even large FOG producers.

This is the ideal end of life for FOG.