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Fog Waste Water Solutions

Micro Drip Systems

Environmental Biotech GES®, SES® and GEL-OUT® Micro Drip Systems eliminates costly slow flowing and blocked drains. Using the power of Mother Nature, our Micro Drip System contains millions of pure live vegetative bacteria which consume grease, sugar and other organics, turning the waste into carbon dioxide and water. Our Micro Drip System will eliminate offensive odours and costly fines by water authorities.

The Micro Drip System is designed to meter and deliver the exact amount of highly concentrated bacteria into the drain line making it simple to use. Unlike other products on the market the Micro Drip System DOES NOT contain ANY soaps, emulsifiers or chemicals of any kind so it is safe for the environment. EB’s Micro Drip System will produce a biofilm in the drainage system so as waste is released into the system the bacteria consume it on contact.

The Micro Drip System can be set for multiple settings to fix the need of any and all clients no matter what drainage problems might be occurring.

The graph to the left shows degradation of fats, oil and grease found in a restaurant drain by the GES® System. After 64 hours bacteria in the GES® system completely degraded 96% of total amount of fats, oil and grease in the restaurant drain.

• GES® bacteria have been isolated and selected from the environment because of their unique ability to produce the enzyme lipase in high concentrations.

• Lipase is the first and essential enzyme needed for the total degradation of FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease).

• FOG’s main constituent is triglyceride, which is a molecule of glycerol (an alcohol) having three fatty acids bound to the glycerol backbone with ester bonding.

• Lipase is essential in breaking these ester bonds allowing for further degradation of all resulting molecules.

• Although the metabolic pathways for total degradation are very complex containing many site-specific lipase enzymes, the ultimate result and reaction bi-product is the formation of carbon dioxide and water.
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