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Waste Water Engineering

Pump Station Management / Maintenance

Any site that has pumping stations know the importance of their equipment working efficiently.

If the station was to fail it would cause all sorts of issues for the sites, creating a back up, damaging property and disruption to customers.

Sewage is a very corrosive environment in which mechanical equipment operates. A pump station needs regular, planned maintenance.

Environmental Biotech provide nationwide service and maintenance for sewage and storm water pumping stations including planned and emergency response cover, system refurbishment and pump rewinding.


Typically includes six monthly (or quarterly) mechanical and electrical servicing of the pumps, floats and control panel. Our aim is for “first time fix” wherever possible to minimise both downtime and client costs.


Emergency response is available to contract customers with cover ranging from 4hr, 24hr and 3 day. If emergency tankering is required we are able to arrange a tanker anywhere within the UK.

Cleaning and FOG Maintenance

Sewage pumping stations are prone to build-up a number of layers of non biological matter as well as FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)

Overtime this build-up will prevent float-switches from operating efficiently and will allow materials like rags or paper to enter the pumps themselves. This will lead to pump station failure. As part of EB’s service, regular cleaning is undertaken to keep the station in good working order. During the regular scheduled visits, EB engineers will ensure that the floats are clean and working well. All related equipment, pumps and electrical panel are also checked for good working order.

Grease Problems in Pumping Stations

FOG causes huge issues in the pump stations and can cause failure. FOG builds up around pumps, floats and within the pump station pipework / manifold. FOG deposits cause pump-wear and system failure.

EB being FOG experts can solve the FOG issues in the pumping stations using our BIO Lift system that injects live bacteria that consumes FOG and keeps the pumping station operating efficiently.

Full Pumping Station Refurbishment

From pump rewinding to full system refurbishment we have the expertise. Our experienced engineers regularly repair, refurbish and upgrade guide rail systems, manifolds, control panels, alarm systems and control switches for all types of pump station.